*The amazing collection of information below was taken from https://visitmallacoota.com.au  and produced by the Mallacoota Information Shed.

Drives Around Mallacoota

A) Captain Stevenson’s Point and The Entrance Viewing Deck

From the Information Shed proceed for 0.5km along the foreshore to a parking bay at the top of the point. This offers excellent views of the islands at this end of the Bottom Lake and the sand dunes separating the lake system from the Tasman Sea. A plaque marks the camp site which author E.J. Brady established in 1909. His friend, Henry Lawson, often visited him here. Continue for another 0.5km to “The Entrance” Viewing Platform.

B) Bastion Point Lookouts

Proceed along Maurice Ave. to the roundabout and then along Betka Rd to Bastion Point Rd. Turn left and travel to the Lookouts. From these, there are excellent views of the entrance, Bastion Point, Gabo Island, Big Beach, Tullaberga Island and the Howe Range. You may access the supervised swimming beach (Summer School Holidays) from the first lookout, the second provides access to Bastion Point rock pools. Around the point is a stretch of beach which extends to Betka Beach. This is part of the Town Beach Walk.

C) Betka Beach

Return to Betka Rd and turn left. Proceed down this road and cross the Betka River to a well equipped picnic area serving the swimming beach. Here the Betka River enters the ocean and you may enjoy estuary swimming. It has easy access to the sea and estuary beaches and is an ideal beach for families with its grassed area, barbeque, and a nearby toilet facilities. At low tide, you could tackle the attractive “3 Beaches Walk.”

D) WWII Bunker Museum

The Mallacoota and District Historical Society welcomes visitors to its museum to see this wartime facility – now a restored heritage building. The museum is open every Tuesday 9.30am – last entry 11.30am. Or, for groups, by arrangement – enquiries (0459 437 474).

E) Quarry Beach

Continue along Betka Rd past the airfield. (The road is gravel and often has potholes, take care). The road is now the Old Coast Rd. Just before a steel and concrete bridge, there is a signed turnoff to Quarry Beach. Pleasant seascapes are evident from the parking area, but the real feature is to be found about 70m to the left along the beach where an excellent example of folded and faulted colourful rock strata may be seen.

F) Secret Beach

From Quarry Beach, return to the Old Coast Rd and turn left over the bridge. Proceed along this road to the parking area for Secret Beach. From here, there is a path and a set of steps down to Secret Beach, where good seascapes may be seen. There is a sea cave at the northern end of the beach, which you may be able to enter at low tide, watch your head as there is a rough rock overhead near the entrance.

F1) Pebbly Beach

From Secret Beach car park, turn left and follow the road for a short distance to the turn-off to Pebbly Beach. From the parking bay a path leads down to another pleasant beach with its attractive seascapes and rock formations. Towards the western end of the beach are a number of rock-pools containing interesting pool habitats for inter-tidal marine communities of algae, molluscs, sea anemones, sea urchins, small fish and crabs.

G) Shipwreck Creek

From Pebbly Beach return to the Old Coast Rd and turn left. Follow this road to Centre Track. Follow the sign to Shipwreck Creek a distance of about 8km. The road passes through eucalypt forests where wildflowers in season and resident wallabies and goannas may be seen. There is a camping ground at Shipwreck Creek and bookings over the holiday periods must be made at the Parks Vic Office. Toilets and picnic facilities are available for day trippers. There are a number of good walks as well as an interesting beach to be investigated.

H) Forest, Lake and River Drive
Three well equipped picnic areas on the lake may be accessed by car, so take BBQ food, or picnic and enjoy the facilities at one of them.
Rock pools. Take Lakeside Drive to Karbeethong Road. Travel through the dry sclerophyll forest (trees with hard leathery leaves) to the Genoa Road. Turn right and travel approximately 5km to the turnoff, on the right, to Sandy Point Track. A pleasant drive leads to the Sandy Point picnic ground (Map 2 B5) and the nearby scenic Sandy Point.

Return to the Genoa Road, turn right and travel approximately 2km to Sou’ West Arm Track. Follow this track to the Sou’ West Arm picnic ground, the jetty is a short walk from the parking bay and an extension of the track gives access to another scenic point. Return to the Genoa Road, turn right and travel approximately 3km to the Genoa Fire Trail. This 4WD track leads to a short path to a picnic ground and jetty on the Genoa River (Map 2 B4). Return to the Genoa Road, turn right and travel to the Gipsy Point Road. Proceed to Gipsy Point (Map 2 A2). Also investigate the Genoa River from the end of View Street.
Canoeing Sou’West Arm

I) Karbeethong and Narrows Drive (and walk)

Proceed along Lakeside Drive to Mirrabooka Road. Follow this road to South Gateway and turn right at the Telstra Tower into Martin Street. Proceed slowly down Martin Street, to take in the panoramic views of the Bottom Lake, Howe Range and Gabo Island. Martin Street runs into Broome Street which leads back to Lakeside Drive. Turn left into Lakeside Drive and proceed around the lake to the intersection of three roads. Take the lower road past the Karbeethong Jetty to Buckland’s Jetty to a car park which provides access to The Narrows Walk. Return to the intersection of the three roads and take the upper one (Karbeethong Avenue) scenic views across Bottom Lake are evident. The road then passes through forest back to the Genoa Road, turn left to return to Mallacoota.