Guest Bloggers Welcome

Escape to Gippsland is a space for promoting the stunning region of Gippsland, Victoria Australia.

What sort of posts are we looking for?

Escape to Gippsland publishes informative, personal, interesting and inspiring stories about a broad range of experiences throught the Gippsland Region.

This means your guest blog post could be on anything from fishing to drives, food and wine or spa experiences.

We welcome personal stories about your travel plans, setting up your rig, cooking on the road, favourite sights, life on the road and travelling with the kids/pets/family/on your own. If you are Gippsland based we are also keen to hear about your town – where you live, what’s great about it, why people should visit it.

To make sure your content can be considered, we suggest you email us with your ideas before you begin writing. Please also have a look at our blog to make sure that your ideas don’t overlap with something we’ve already covered.

We will also consider vlog (video blog) posts.

What are our terms, requirements and guidelines?

  • Posts should be fresh content, not a copy of something you’ve had published somewhere else online.
  • Posts must use your authentic voice and be based on your personal experiences or knowledge.
  • Posts should be 300–600 words long. Each post should contain a heading and at least one image that you have permission to use (providing details of the attribution if necessary).
  • Please edit (or go over) your post before it is submitted. A good submission is easy to read and has good grammar and punctuation.
  • We will still review and edit your blog post, so that it is consistent with our website.
  • We invite you to include a three-line bio with your article, including a single link to your website, as well as details of your social media spaces for inclusion at the end of the post.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish any submitted post if we deem it not relevant or if it does not meet our content standards.
    *Please note: We only accept guest posts from other independent bloggers. We do not accept posts from companies and businesses.

If your business is interested in working with us to gain exposure, please submit a free listing or contact us to see how we can help you.

How to submit a post in four easy steps

  • Read the guidelines.
  • Contact us with your article ideas and we’ll let you know if it is right for Escape to Gippsland
  • Write, write, write!
  • Send your post to us along with your images and your bio. Make sure your images are off the highest quailty. Posts will not be accepted with out at least one quality image.

What’s in it for you?

Exposure – a link back to your site and to your social media spaces. We’ll be talking about your blog post on Facebook and Instagram.
Our appreciation! Promoting your published work.

We will contact you once your content is live on the to our site. To make sure your work gets maximum exposure, we suggest you stumble it, tumblr it, tweet it and basically share it all over the place. This will increase the power of the link pointing back to your blog and will expose your blog to new audiences.

We also encourage you to mention Escape to Gippsland guest post on your blog.