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Venture three and half hours east of Melbourne and you will find the picture-book village, Metung, stretching along a narrow sandy peninsula on the shores of the Bancroft Bay and Lake King.

Metung is hidden away within a coastal forest and rolling hills, surrounded by the pristine water of the magnificent Gippsland Lakes. From Metung you can travel from sand to snow in a relatively unbroken chain of ecosystems; from coastal heathlands and forests, into the wildflower-rich eucalypt forests of the foothills, the warm temperate rainforests of streams and shady gullies, then up to the higher rainfall tall, wet mountain forests thick with tree ferns and towering giants that eventually join up with the alpine environments and the snow adapted forests and herb fields of the high country.


White Sails
Boat lovers and summer waterskiers are drawn to Metung’s relaxed village lifestyle. Join Riviera Scenic on a tranquil cruise or hire your own yacht from Riviera Nautic and explore the gentle waters of the Gippsland Lakes. Small runabouts and speedboats are also available for hire.

Lines and Reels
Anglers descend all year round to make the most of Metung’s excellent fishing spots. Bust out the rod and reel and try your hand at hooking bream, tailor, flathead, King George whiting and prawns during the summer or winter months. Along the shoreline of the Tambo River, Bancroft Bay or Lake King

On The Table
Dine out on fresh seafood and local wines at eateries across town. Choose from an small number of restaurants and cafes, or find a sunny spot opposite the village green to enjoy a picnic.

Go For a Stroll
Finish the day with a walk along the water’s edge at sunset and watch the sailing boats glide by. With the boardwalk extending from the mouth of Chinaman’s Creek to the end of Shaving Point and going through the heart of the village.

Creative Spirits
Metung’s natural beauty attracts many artists. Visit farm studios, gardens and galleries to view locally crafted sculptures, jewellery and paintings.



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